Producing an Opera: How Hard Can It Be?

The Woody Guthrie Opera project is a massive undertaking that is merging two huge audiences: the classical/opera with the folk/roots audience.  The vision is to complete the arias and libretto, produce the opera in a theatre filmed for public television, release it to public radio and public television for broadcast, attach lesson plans (middle/high/college) and release it to teachers and home school families for education and history (visit If you would like to DONATE or UNDERWRITE this artistic vision, please contact us.

The message carried by “This Land Is Your Land” is deeply needed in today’s troubled times. Written at the end of the Great Depression, the greatest global economic meltdown, when Americans were suffering through massive climactic changes of the Dust Bowl and the entire world was at war; Woody’s song celebrates the beauty of this land with a chorus that this place belongs to all the people, not merely the rich and powerful. The similarity to our own time is striking. Since 9-11, America has been seeking its roots, seeking what made this such a wonderful place. As we slash funding for our creative arts and eliminate arts programs in schools, exposure to a celebration of our culture is becoming increasingly scarce for the new generation.

Woody: For the People is about a true American icon, a legend, a real man who wrote a real song, about a real nation at one of the most dramatic moments in American history. Our mission is to use the opera as multimedia teaching tool to inspire the young generation and all Americans to act with great passion to better their families, homes and communities. Through this project we can support struggling arts programs by giving the opera free to schools, community theaters, and opera companies, and even reach schools without arts programs through the free educational package.

And, of course, the broadcast itself will reach millions across North America on public radio, public TV and online.


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